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Considering a new drawing tablet? Read our thoughts on the Intuos4
We recently had the chance to put the Intuos4 through its paces and were very impressed. If you are considering a tablet its certainly one worth considering. Read our full thoughts here.
What size should I Sketch? Big, small, or somewhere in between?
Itís a simple question, and one that is asked often by beginners to product design sketching. Is the answer as complicated as it first appears however?
Are you getting a little too precious and careful with your sketches?
It can be difficult letting go sometimes when we sketch. The fear of making a mistake can be pretty restricting. Is this you? Take some inspiration from Ian Cartabiano in this short video!
Its competition time again! Along with CarDesign FB page, win some great prizes!
CarDesign facebook page, DesignerTechniques, Learning Curves and Sketch a Day have all teamed together to bring you a brand new competition. Have a go, and a Wacom Pro could be yours!
It took some time, and many discussions, but Capture the Emotion has a week 1 winner!
We had over 100 entries to go through, but in the end we managed to choose a single entry to win  the first of our weekly prizes. Judging was tough, but fun, so congratulations to all who entered!
Week 2 Of Capture the Emotion has continued on from the success of the first week!
With many entries to go through again, the judges had another tough week picking out a winner. But pick one we of course did. Again, thank you and congratulations to all who entered though!
The third weekly winner of Capture the Emotion has now been chosen.
Another successful week in our competition has now passed. And as always the quality of the work we had to choose from was high. As always however, a winner was chosen!
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