Emre Husmen is a 20 years old Turkish design student who lives in Toronto, Canada. He is planning to apply to ACCD next year. He is also one of the main Hot Wheels illustrators in Mattel Inc. Emre has taken part in the 2004 Peugeot Design Contest and was one of the first ten finalists out of 3800. He also got a mention in the 2000 Motor Trend Design Contest. In this tutorial, he is showing us his rendering techniques with Adobe Photoshop CS2. You can check out more of his works at: http://emrehusmen.deviantart.com/gallery
First of all, open your sketch on Adobe Photoshop and make it 2000 pixels wide. I usually work in high resolutions, because it allows me to create high quality renderings.
Open a new layer on your sketch and fill it with white colour. Make it's opacity about 85%.
Let's start with selecting the body shape. I always use Pen Tool for that. Select the shape, open a new layer, fill it with grey tone. And try to keep your paths for future usage.
Select window shapes, open a new layer and fill it with black.
Do the same thing for front grills.
Make wheel ellipses above the body layer and put shadow under all of them.
Select the headlights and chrome parts (separate layers). Fill them with white.
Select the basic body parts and fill them with darker or lighter grey depending on where are they facing.