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CAPTURE THE EMOTION - Design Competition
Sponsored by

In collaboration with, CarDesign page and Sketch-A-Day

CAPTURE THE EMOTION (DESIGN COMPETITION) - Are you interested in design sketching? Can you capture the essence of words & phrases in a sketch? Well, CarDesign facebook page, the authors of Learning Curves, DesignerTechniques and Sketch A Day have teamed together, and are launching a new sketch competition for students entitled ‘Capture The Emotion’.

Together we have put together a competition with some impressive prizes. As well as signed copies of Learning Curves, the lucky Grand Prize winner will also receive a Wacom Intuos Pro. As if this is not enough however, the first placed winner will also receive the fantastic opportunity to send their folio to Kristofer Hansen, Chief of Design at Scania AB, for personal feedback, suggestions and guidance. 


The idea behind the competition is simple. As a designer your job involves more than simply designing objects that are functional. Your designs must be able to talk to the user! They must be able to convey emotion. For many objects this is obvious. What is a Ferrari after all if not a mobile piece of sculpture describing speed and desire. It is perhaps less obvious for more everyday pieces of design though. Whilst it may be less obvious, it is however still very relevant. Your job as a designer is to use all your skills to help your designs communicate with the user. The appearance of every object tells a story. Your job is to help make sure its the right story!

So, with that out of the way, what have we got in mind for our new competition. Its pretty simple really. The competition is 8 weeks long, and each week there will be a different keyword. All you have to do is design a Heavy Goods Vehicle that captures the essence of that keyword. Each week a winner will be chosen, and at the end of the 8 weeks, one of these winners will be chosen to be the overall grand prize winner. So simple!

As with any competition, the details are important, so if you want to be sure of having a chance to win some of the prizes, read on!

Design Brief

Using one of the two package drawings (simply choose the one you like best) which are available to download in the PDF below, or on the CarDesign facebook page, you must design a Heavy Goods Vehicle that through its appearance captures and communicates the emotion of the relevant weeks keyword. These keywords will be published at the start of each week of the competition on the CarDesign facebook page. It really is that simple!

The keyword for the 16th - 22nd September is "New"

To submit your entry, you must post a single 2000px by 1200px image to the wall of the CarDesign facebook page. See below for the very important details about what your entry must contain.

Submission Guidelines

Submitting your entries in time is very important. No entry submitted after the set deadline dates can be considered for a prize! Your submission must follow these simple rules.

A. Each entry must be submitted using a single image of dimensions 2000px by 1200px. This single image must contain the following

B. Each entry must contain a  side view of your design sketched over the attached vehicle package.

C. Each entry must contain a view of your own choice of your design. This is of course the key view. This is the one where you are free to show your design as you wish. A front three quarter view will probably be the safest choice, but its up to you.

D. The keyword your design is based around.

E. Your entries must be posted to the CarDesign facebook page newsfeed before the deadline each relevant week. The exact dates and keywords will be posted on the CarDesign facebook page.

Downloadable Package Drawing

Vehicle package PDF - DOWNLOAD HERE or visit CarDesign facebook page and find it there

The PDF image contains a choice of two simple side view package drawings. Each drawing shows the mechanical elements that your design must incorporate. Each of these mechanical elements are fixed and should not be moved. The package drawings also define the maximum size boundaries of your design. Your design must not go outside of these boundaries. You are free to choose which of the package drawings you wish to use.


Weekly Prizes
- A copy of Learning Curves.
- A Sketch-a-Day T-Shirt
- Entry into the competition final with the possibility of winning the Grand Prize
Grand Prize
- Author signed copy of Learning Curves,
- Wacom Intuos Pro
- Portfolio review by Kristofer Hansen (Head of Design, Scania AB)


Kristofer Hansen           - Head of Design, Scania Trucks AB
Shaun A Hutchinson     - Editor of CarDesign page
Allan Macdonald            - Editor of DesignerTechniques, Author of Learning Curves
Klara Sjölen                    - Author of Learning Curves, Author of Design Sketching

Other rules
- By entering this competition you must have read all of the rules and agree to them fully.
- By entering you agree to let our prize sponsors use for their own promotional purposes any submitted work.
- Any work you submit must be your own, DesignerTechniques is not responsible for any copyright infringements on your part.
- The editors decision in the judging of the competition is final, and no correspondence shall be entered into in this regard.

DesignerTechniques is not responsible for the content of external internet sites.
page last updated; 2014-06-15
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