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Wow! First of all let us say many many thanks to all who entered. We had around 100 entries to the first week of our competition, and the effort you have all made shows. It did make judging the competition very difficult though! However, after many discussions and arguments, we did come up with a winner!

So, we start by saying a big congratulations to Anoop Balakrishnan. Out of all the entries which met the strict requirements of the brief, the judges felt his design best showed a "NEW" way forward for truck design. Of course, we also came up with a selection of highly commended entries as well. So read on to find out what captured the judges attention.

Our initial judging process involved removing all those entries which did not meet the packaging. It was not an easy task, and there were many designs we were sad to see slip through the net. Once complete though we were still left with a lot of interesting and inspiring work to choose from. To help with the task the judges kept a key question in mind at all times. "Have we never seen this before?"  With his use of an elephant for design inspiration, and a sculptural theme that allowed for moveable forms, the judges felt Anoop had successfully achieved that. The project was also well presented in a clear and concise way, and of course the all important package drawing was unbroken. Once again, congratulations to Anoop, who will be receiving a copy of Learning Curves and a Sketch-a-Day T-shirt very soon.

So what about the other entries that captured the imagination of the judges. To be sure there were great discussions around many of the designs, and whilst we would love to be able to talk about them all, we had to in the shorten our list down. So, in no particular order, you can read all about them below.

We begin our commended entries with a super design from Gerry Delgado. Without doubt, all the judges felt that this was the one entry that immediately shouted "NEW" to everyone who saw it. The architecture style theme quite simply stopped some of the judges in their tracks! It was Kristofer Hansen who pointed out of course the inspiration from Zaha Hadid's Library and Learning Center in Austria. However, whilst highly impressed with his fresh and imaginative interpretation of the keyword and how it can apply to a truck design, the judges felt they could simply not overlook the breaking of the package requirements above the rear wheels. Without this simple oversight the design from Gerry would most likely have been in the running to take the top spot.

Next we have a design by Darko Markovic. His bright and bold design impressed the judges, who also commented on the high quality sketch work included in the entry. Again however, as with the entry from Gerry, it was felt that the breaking of the package drawing in the area around the load box was just too much to overlook. One of the judges also commented on the slight inconsistencies between the package view drawing and the key drawing. This aside however, the design was well done and included some very fun and fresh details.

The entry we received from Tobias was one that created a lot of interesting discussions amongst the judges. The actual design interpretation, with its dramatic front lighting and negative polygonal treatment of the front, showed a rather un-traditional approach to transport design surfacing; and for that reason we felt it's newness spoke for itself visually. The only problem we found with this presentation was the lack of consistency. Tobias changed the package drawing many times during the entry period (in an effort to fit the actual package) without however significantly changing his key view (which sadly still implies it does not fitting on the package). Had this been resolved, this could have been a heavily weighted contender in this theme of the competition.

Another entry which impressed the judges with its unconventional approach to the design treatment was received from Son Wang. Whilst let down slightly by blurry penmanship, this innovative design submission from Son Wang with it's novel entry idea and steering system caught the interest of the judges. Although the package breaking additional 'air flow' panel left members of the panel unconvinced that it kept to the rules of the competition, it was felt that overall Song's efforts in innovation and shape development should be commended.

Stoianov Sebastian's entry was one which received a lot of attention for having a high sketching standard, with a design that showed a lot of sensitivity. In general his design impressed all the judges with its professional level, and his bold confident sketch style. The judges also wanted to hold it up as one example of how to achieve a successful and interesting design whilst unquestionably remaining within the package requirements. The judges did however feel that the design, although undoubtedly well done, was a little too contemporary for this particular weeks keyword.

One of the more fun entries we recieved came from Harish Kumar. The first response of Kristofer was to ask, "What kind of animal is this? " The submission was commended for having a new interpretation of a trucks three dimensional form, although the lack of consistency between the key view and the side view indicated that it needed a little further development.

The work submitted by Sebastian Lorenz showed some interesting form development at a fundamental level. The design looked modern and fresh, and the judges felt it would have been nice to have seen a little colour, light and shade applied to the sketches to really bring out and describe the forms more intensely.

The design presentation by Lukas Dovidaitis caught the eye of one particular judge. The overall shape of the design reminded him of 1930's streamlining. Although streamlining is obviously not an new direction in surface design, the judge thought that the contemporary angular shapes, two tone treatment, and graphical treatment of the cabin and lighting brought the idea of streamlining into the modern century to re-new the look of the 1930's design movement. One small error that was pointed out though was that the design did not cover the radiator in the package. An easily corrected oversight.

All in all, the judges were impressed with the creativity shown in the first week of our competition, and very much look forward to seeing what is to come in the following rounds of the competition. It was genuinely far more difficult in the judging process than we imagined ot would be, and there were more than a few disagreements. We fully anticipate it to become even more difficult in the coming weeks as well.

Of course, we would like to remind you all again, that it is very important that your designs do not break the packaging requirements. As design constraints go, there are very few in this competition, and certainly less than any of you will ever face in the unforgiving real world of design. That is why design is such a challenge, and your ability to be creative within certain boundaries is what will separate you as a designer from someone who only draws pretty pictures. With this in mind, here is a little reminder of the rules.

Submission Guidelines

Submitting your entries in time is very important. No entry submitted after the set deadline dates can be considered for a prize! Your submission must follow these simple rules.

A. Each entry must be submitted using a single image of dimensions 2000px by 1200px. This single image must contain the following

B. Each entry must contain a  side view of your design sketched over the attached vehicle package.

C. Each entry must contain a view of your own choice of your design. This is of course the key view. This is the one where you are free to show your design as you wish. A front three quarter view will probably be the safest choice, but its up to you.

D. The keyword your design is based around.

E. Your entries must be posted to the CarDesign facebook page newsfeed before the deadline each relevant week. The exact dates and keywords will be posted on the CarDesign facebook page.

So, head over to CarDesign page on Facebook to find out what the current keyword is, sharpen your sketching pencils and get creative!

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page last updated; 2014-06-15
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