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Car Sketch Tool review

Setting up your perspective when sketching can be a little difficult when you are a beginner to sketching cars. It is however important to get right, as errors in your perspective can spoil an otherwise great drawing and design. We therefore thought that this simple tool sent to us recently would be good to share. Basically its an online perspective generator, specifically for vehicle design.

To use the generator you set up some simple parameters, such as wheelbase and wheel size, then adjust the view until you get one that matches the sketch you intend to create. You then simply take a screenshot. This can be imported into your favourite sketch program, or printed out, and used as a simple underlay, complete with guidelines. If you have had trouble with perspective then it is certainly worth a look.

Those who don't have their own 3D program will especially find the tool useful. The site even has a gallery where you can also submit your sketches created using the tool. The fact that it is free to use is of course also a bonus.

Remember, any sketches you create you can also be sent along to our own gallery here at DesignerTechniques. Have fun!

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page last updated; 2014-06-15
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