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Miles Waterhouse, Beginners Mistakes
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Miles Waterhouse, Truck Rendering
Using a truck sketch as an example, Miles talks through how to ensure your sketches have that elusive feeling of emotion and movement.
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Miles Waterhouse, a designer who has written more than a few interesting articles for DesignerTechniques, has now put his car sketching thoughts into video form. Aimed at beginners, the video talks through the process of car design sketching from beginning to end. With design experience including work at Pininifarina, Volvo Trucks and Shanghai Automotive, as well as numerous design consultancies, Miles experience is broad and he brings it all together in this video. Here at DesignerTechniques we were lucky enough to get a copy to review and were impressed with Miles approach to teaching.

The video begins by explaining the very basics of setting up a sketch, with interesting tips on perspective, proportion and speed. From there Miles talks through various sketch examples showing the basics of shading, reflective surfaces, contrast, highlighting and colour. These are all explained as Miles sketches live using underlays to help set up the basics of the drawing... a useful technique for beginners that DesignerTechniques also recommends.

From there the video moves on to show how to bring it all together into your own unique designs and creations. Again sketching live (with no underlays this time), Miles talks through the whole process from initial sketches to final renderings. Creating sketches live in front of the viewers eyes Miles explains not only the technical details, but the very mindset you should have when producing your own creative work. Even those with a good understanding of how to sketch should find this section interesting. Miles has a drawing technique that is highly geared towards creating fresh innovative work, and seeing it in action is inspiring!

We spoke to Miles to find out a little more and to ask him what he thinks is key to developing a strong sketch technique,

   "Everyone wants their own unique and original technique but the foundation must be good structure, perspective, proportion and communication. If your technique fails in any of those areas then you will not be showing your designs and ideas at their best.

You have to practice in the right direction. If you work hard on the right aspects and know a few professional techniques from the beginning you will be able to reach your goal more quickly and more efficiently. Most importantly however, you will enjoy yourself more and avoid unnecessary frustrations.

Practising key skills until they become automatic frees you up to improve and eventually blow minds with your ideas and imagination.

Being motivated and inspired keeps you practising but you also need to counter that with honesty. By that I mean being honest with yourself as to where your weak points are and where you need to correct and improve."

Having enjoyed the video here at DesignerTechniques we can definitely recommend it to anyone looking to make their first steps into car sketching. As said, we also think that the video will be a useful tool for those looking to broaden the creative sketch skills they already have.

To find out more about the video and how to order your own copy then visit Miles site here.

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page last updated; 2014-06-15
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