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cmiVFX Automotive Rendering Techniques Video

Mikael Lugnegard, a designer that many readers should now be familiar with, has recently released a new training video in collaboration with The purpose of the video is to talk through a complete technique of producing 3D CAD renderings using a range of tools.

The video begins with a brief look at a 3D mock up model in Maya before moving into Hypershot for the first renderings. This section covers setting up materials and cameras to get the best feel. After this it is into Photoshop for the real magic, with Mikael showing how to correct colours, add design details and generally make the image look great. We spoke to Mikael to find out a little about how it was to produce the video,

I really enjoyed making this tutorial. It was a fairly fast process since I already had modelled the car, but it still takes a lot of time to prepare for recording, and make no mistakes during the recording itself. Some of the chapters were recorded up to 4 times before we got it right. The hardest part was to keep the tutorial within 90 minutes...We're already discussing the next production, which is most likely to be a full length feature (around 3.5h). It's always hard to know what will attract people and what they're interested to learn. I usually turn to myself and ask what I would appreciate and be inspired by if I was a student. I really hope people will like it and find it useful, get some new inspiration and just enjoy it : )

To find out more about the video and how you can secure your own copy then just pop along to

You can also find out more about Mikael and his work by visiting his own website at

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page last updated; 2014-06-15
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