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DesignerTechniques second competition was a great success, and we had many entries.  As you all know however a winner was chosen and was the lucky recipient of an A5 wide format tablet, a gift box set of Scott Robertson's latest books and a signed hard back copy of Design Sketching.  As part of our follow up to the competition we spoke to the winner, Mark Juhasz to ask him how it was going with his new prize!

First a few words from Mark himself...

  "First I was a bit scared of my new tablet as it was so different from the other drawing tools I have used before. So for one or two weeks I didn't draw anything with it, just explored the new possibilities. I tried several programs like Coral Painter, Canvas X and others, but Adobe PhotoShop looked the most practical of them.  I wanted to assure my success, so I choose a studio photo of an Aston Martin DBS and copied that down. First with pencil, on paper, and then I scanned that and coloured it in PhotoShop with the Wacom tablet. I started with a 50% grey canvas and darkened and lightened it with the dodge and the burn tool. It took about 3-4 hours."

As well as using his tablet to hone his form study skills, Mark also took the time to revisit some of his previous work.  Some of you may remember that Mark was also the second placed entrant in our first ever competition (you can see the other entrants for both our competitions in the Articles section).  In this render he has made use of the possibilities offered of digital rendering, using an image of real fur for the detailing, as well as using a 3D rendering of his design as reference for the surface highlighting.

Here at DesignerTechniques we are certainly very glad that Mark has enjoyed his prize, and hope him continued success.  As well as congratulating Mark, we also want to again take the opportunity to thank our competition sponsors (without whom the competitions would not be so fun or rewarding).

page last updated; 2014-06-15
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