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Our second competition proved very popular, we received many high quality entries. This made the judging extremely hard work, but a lot of fun. The intention of the competition was to give a brief that would help expand the imagination. We also wanted to encourage the production of many sketches. As has been said on this site before, it is important to learn the art of producing a varied range of solutions to a problem. All of the winning designs here were felt to have achieved these objectives very well. Congratulations to all!

Before we get down to the business of looking at the winners however, lets introduce the judges.

Allan Macdonald, as the creator and editor of DesignerTechniques, I should be familiar to those of you who regularly read the site. For those who don't I am a graduate of Coventry University Transportation design and have previously worked for ARUP, Rover, VW, and Volvo. This site is my latest project, and one that is proving extremely rewarding!

Mark Randall,
also a Coventry graduate, spent his first few working years in busy consultancy before embarking on a globetrotting career. He has worked in the UK, Malaysia, Australia, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy and Sweden for clients as diverse as Lego to Lotus. He is currently at Volvo Trucks as an exterior designer.

David Beasley, was Land Rover sponsored at both the Royal College of Art and Coventry University, and has worked as a freelance designer in the movie industry (Working Title Films on “Thunderbirds”) and the computer entertainment industry (Electronic Arts). He was also responsible for the 2005 Mini show car interior and exterior/interior detailing. Whilst at BMW’s Advanced Design studio he contributed on a variety of projects, setting the strategy, concept and style for the future generations of Bavaria's most famous auto manufacturer. He is currently freelancing for Volvo Trucks in Gothenburg as a designer, whilst working for various other automotive and non-automotive companies in his spare time.

Hirash Razaghi, is a graduate of Umeĺ Institute of Design, and has worked for Concept group, Jaguar cars advanced design, LandRover advanced design and Volvo trucks. One of his previous projects was a Mars exploration vehicle, which was undertaken with the cooperation of LandRover design and the Institute of Space Physics.

As well as thanking the judges for their efforts, we would also like to thank our sponsors for helping give motivation to all our entrants.

page last updated; 2014-06-15
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