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In addition to our short book reviews we also want to take the time to have a more in depth look at some of the books we have recommended. The first book we are going to look at is fast becoming popular amongst designers and design schools around the world. Design Sketching has been written by two former students of UmeŚ Institute of Design along with the help of 24 contributors. To kick off our review lets begin with a few words from the authors:

    "Design Sketching was first conceived when we were in a book store talking over the lack of good sketch books within the area of industrial design. We saw that by being in UmeŚ we were in the right place to create a book to fill this need. After realising we may have stumbled onto something good and suggesting to some of the other students our plans, we slowly started making the book a reality. Whilst it turned out to be a lot more work than we expected from the beginning, the book has been on the market for a year now and it has proved to be a great success!"

Written in a very designer friendly manner and including a lot of illustrations and sketches, the book manages to cover a lot of ground. The first chapter begins by presenting a brief overview of the rules of perspective, line weighting, shading and shadows as well as image composition. From there the reader is taught by way of demonstration the different sketch techniques used in the design process. The final chapter in the book then provides step by step tutorials in some of these techniques.

Many of the people contributing to DesignerTechniques own a copy of the book and it has proved its worth many times as a teaching tool, as well as a source of inspiration. The book is available for shipping to anywhere in the world, and comes in both softback (35 dollars) hardback (50 dollars). We at DesignerTechniques believe that if you are in the market for a sketch and renderings technique book, then this should be one of the first you order.

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page last updated; 2014-06-15
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