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Miles Waterhouse has become one of DesignerTechniques favourite contributors with his individual sketching style and simple clear explanations.  Miles not only writes tutorials for DesignerTechniques though, and we wanted to point you in the direction of Miles own website, where you will not only find some inspirational work, but also two in depth interactive tutorials.

The first of the two interactive PDF tutorials deals with the matter of reflections. By using examples from his own drawings, photography and even video, Miles guides you through why reflections are important, how to apply them to your drawings and even some tips and tricks to make the whole process a little easier. As many of you may know reflections can be deceptively tricky, but get them right and they can really bring your drawings alive.

The second of the two deals with a subject that can actually be easy to overlook... colour. As Miles points out, colour when used well can be a very important tool to add feeling and emphasis to your designs. Getting your colour palette correct can make a good drawing great! In this PDF Miles talks through some of the important lessons he has learned about colour throughout the years, again along with some great samples from his own work.

We really recommend you visit Miles site and have a read of his tutorials, and of course enjoy his great work. Here at DesignerTechniques we would also like to thank Miles for taking the time to put these tutorials together. You can visit the tutorials directly here, Miles Waterhouse interactive tutorials, but we recommend you take a browse around the whole site... there is plenty to inspire!

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page last updated; 2014-06-15
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