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The Vehicle Designer Review is a new publication from Trebor Media which aims to provide those professionally involved in vehicle design with a source of reference on the latest technologies, trends and services within the industry. The important thing about the publication for those cash strapped students amongst you, is that it is provided free of charge!

Having read through the review we can confirm that it is an interesting read, and well worth a look. The review features a wealth of automotive design based articles from prominent industry figures, and at 186 pages long is sure to keep you busy for a while.

"Robert Hull, Director of Trebor Media says....
''internet magazines in this format are very much the way forward in the current economic climate. They give OEM designers access to the information with no subscription costs and for design students provide a good overview of both design trends and current studio technologies''

For those hoping to see something from the designers of the future, the magazine also features a look at the work of students from the Royal College of Art Vehicle Design program, as well as Coventry University's Automotive design degree.

Designed from the outset as a fully online publication, the review is easy to navigate, and includes interesting features such as embedded links and videos. The publication will also be updated at set dates in the year, before a whole new publication becomes available for 2010.

To find out more about simply visit where you will also be able to register.

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