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Founded in 2006, DesignerTechniques aims to become a leading online database of information for those hoping to pursue a career in automotive design. The site offers tutorials, interviews, reviews and design articles from practising designers around the world. Whilst targeted predominantly towards automotive design, the site should also prove a useful resource to students of any design field.

DesignerTechniques also hosts regular design competitions, each written specifically to provide a structure for students to improve their design skills.

Since 2006, the site has grown in size and currently enjoys 25,000 visitors per month from over 140 different countries, including visitors from every major automotive design school and studio in the world.  This has only been possible via the generosity of those contributing to the site. Something DesignerTechniques would like to extend thanks for.

The site was founded by Allan Macdonald, an MDes graduate of Coventry Universities Transportation Design course, as a way to provide to students the information he felt was lacking during his time in study. Allan's automotive design experience includes car, and heavy goods vehicle design, as well as many years experience as a tutor of design at all levels.

To find out more, please feel free to send us an email at [email protected]
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