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Edition 01 DesignerTechniques Wallpaper
Use our wallpapers to decorate your screen and you will never forget to pop back and pay us a visit. Many thanks to Andrew Jones for this great rendering.
Edition 02 DesignerTechniques Wallpaper
Our second DesignerTechniqes wallpaper comes courtesy of Max Shershnev. We at DesignerTechniques he has one of the freshest sketch and rendering styles we have seen in a long time.
Speedster Photoshop download
Whilst tutorials can of course improve your skills, we thought you may also like to have a complete render file to experiment with. By looking at how others work, you may find ways to improve your own art.
Easy to use, ready to go alloy wheels for your sketches and renderings
Having a set of ready to go, already rendered alloys can be a livesaver when in a hurry, and to get you started we have a complete set here for you to download.
wallpaper 01
wallpaper 02
photoshop download
page last updated; 2014-06-15
Alloy Wheels download 01
Adobe CS4 Master Collection
juan pablo bernal presentation techniques
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