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Iulian Vornicu, illustration technique on a Bentley S2
Drawing cars from real life or photographs is a good way to learn about reflections, shading and highlighting. Iulian talks us through his illustration technique of an old Bentley S2 as an example.
See how to create a dynamic and emotive rendering
Creating the feeling of emotion and movement in your work can be key to getting your design chosen. Miles shows us his methods for creating a loose, dynamic fine art style to his drawings.
Rapid development sketching tutorial and tips
During the development stage of a project you will be expected to generated a great many variations on your design theme. Miles shows us how to sketch fast... and more importantly descriptively. 
Miles Waterhouse explains three beginners mistakes and how to avoid them
Learning to sketch is not simple. Miles explains here some of the most common mistakes beginners make, and gives some advice on how to avoid them yourself.
Bentley S2 Illustration
Miles Waterhouse Truck Painting
Miles Waterhouse Rapid Sketching
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