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Using the pivot point offered by my elbow you can see that much larger curves can be created.  Apart from this the technique is pretty much the same as the wrist born curve.  Here however you have the option of throwing a little wrist movement in at the same time.  Varying your curve even more.  I think its important to repeat that you don't over think this technique.  Once you try it even just a few times it will start to feel very natural.  And remember that the curves you are creating are still just sketch curves.  You only aiming to increase the speed and tension in your linework...not take away the looseness and spontaneity of the sketch.

Have fun! 

In the picture to the left you can see how by resting my drawing hand on my wrist, and pivoting my hand (and of course the pen) around this point, I will generate a clean curve matching the roof line of the car I am drawing.  Of course you can adjust the arc by adjusting the position you hold the pen, either before or during the stroke.  All this may sound a little contrived, but it is actually very natural after you have tried it with a few sketches.  It may be an idea to try drawing a whole bunch of different curves on a blank sheet to get the hang of this.  With each line you should be aiming to go over the same line and again and again.  This should improve your accuracy.
This technique is something that most designers do so naturally they may overlook this when trying to explain their techniques.  However, by drawing curves from the natural pivot points in your wrist and elbow you can control your work with a far greater degree of accuracy.  To do this you must make sure you have a large enough work space, as you will need to rotate your drawing round as you work on it.  Depending on the curve you wish to draw you need to line it up with the arc generated by the pivot point in your wrist or elbow.  You will also need to ensure that the height of your desk allows you to rest your elbow naturally on the desk whilst drawing.  You must feel completely comfortable!

One of the things many students of design ask is how to achieve the fast and speedy but still neat line work of the pros.  The kind of lines that have the accuracy of a curve drawn with a sweep, yet the looseness of a curve drawn by hand.  The kind of lines that have so much tension it is almost like they could snap!  Well, one way to try and improve your line work is to practise drawing from your wrist or from your elbow.
page last updated; 2014-06-15
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