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It was time to change my viewpoint again... I detailed the plants to the left and added some light from the top. I did the same thing to the midground behind the waterfall, adding shiny fog. For more contrast I darkened  the foreground (auto levels) and played with color (color balance). It is important for realism to get a difference between the grounds. The further away an object is, less colorful it tends to appear.
Here you can see my layer work. I added some fog between the for- and midground to get more atmosphere. I also worked out the foreground with a little more detail. I added some big plants to the right. In the midground I have added some water. At this point I change the opacity of my brush regularly, in order to get a more dirty and unclean look for the environment.
A big step... I think at this time my idea was fixed! I had a background - a deep dark jungle or forest. A midground with some rocks or something else... And a fallen tree in foreground with some lianas hanging up from the top.
Another important trick I use is to flip the view. You can then play with the whole look and see the drawing with fresh eyes..  It is a very useful trick, helping you to see and correct errors you may otherwise miss.  You can also transform anything, another important reason to work using layers!
I loved the green... so I decided to make a jungle looking picture. Here can you see the foreground, midground and background. At this stage however I am not sure about the background. I would like to have big buildings on trees. In the foreground I added some simple lianas and a big broken tree.
Here we go. This picture was created in Photoshop with a “Wacom Art Marker”. It is a fantastic tool as it feels like a real marker (after only a few setups in the brush options). The first thing I have done is create guidelines with the line tool (Vanishing point). At this point I had no idea what the image could look like. I was just drawing. It is was important for me to work using different layers- foreground, midground and background. Sometimes there could be one or two “grounds” more. It is up to you. This is important because you can add or erase anything very easily.

Grajewski is 26 years young and lives in Germany. He studied Product Design in the 8th semester at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Hannover.  His passion for sketching and drawing brought him to study product design after a friend showed him  “the Art of Star Wars” book.  He tells us,

    "...from this time I fell in love with these things. My university does not teach these things so I had to train it myself, but the internet is a very good teacher... Because of this, I started my Homepage to show my work and help other people."
page last updated; 2014-06-15
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